PACE is your opportunity to share issues, challenges and solutions with experienced
administrators of Pilbara Aboriginal Corporations and Enterprises

PACE (Pilbara Aboriginal Corporations and Enterprises Inc) is an Association whose membership is comprised of CEO’s, Senior Officers and Chairpersons of organisations governed by Aboriginal people in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Our main areas of interest include:

  • Sharing and identification of areas of mutual interest where advantages can be gained by working cooperatively.
  • To present a unified position by the Pilbara Aboriginal Organisations to external stakeholders on identified issues.
  • Sharing of information that assists with the development, introduction, implementation and ongoing maintenance of:
    a. Sound governance practices;
    b. Policy issues that may have an impact on a number or all of the membership; and
    c. Sound business practices.
  • Identification and development of mutual economic development opportunities.
  • Development of a communication protocol as well as a Forum for the discussion, consideration and communication and advocating on of issues of mutual interest.
  • Investigation of opportunities for collective bargaining and/or working cooperatively to gain advantages of scale.
  • When appropriate bench-marking of costs, fee scales, payments and margins to ensure equity and fairness across participating organisations.
  • Facilitation of the provision of services and programs on behalf of other member groups.

PACE is self-funded by its members who contribute according to their ORIC category or equivalent. Membership fees may be waived for eligible organisations.

Members pay their own costs associated with attending meetings.

For Aboriginal people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia.